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Our services


Our Services

At Intercall, we offer a comprehensive range of services to maximize customer satisfaction and optimize your business processes. We provide you with effective and efficient communication management by offering inbound and outbound call, chat, email and back office solutions suitable for the needs of your business. We are at your side with our professional team and advanced technological infrastructure to improve the customer experience while improving your business processes.

In our solution partnership, we focus on the same goals as you as part of our cooperation, helping your business grow, gain competitive advantage and increase customer satisfaction. We are with you every step of the way to achieve joint success.

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Inbound Call Services

We support you with our inbound call services to ensure that your customers have an excellent experience when they reach the call center. A qualified and experienced team answers questions and offers solutions, effectively meeting customer demands. We help you increase customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty by providing you with customized services.

Outbound Call Services

You can use our outbound call services to reach potential customers and create new business opportunities. Our expert sales representatives support you to reach your target audience by adopting a strategic approach. We help you as a professional team to help you strengthen your customer relations and increase your sales.

Chat Support

We offer chat support to enable you to interact with your customers in real time. Our professional chat agents work quickly and effectively to answer your customers' questions, provide support and provide solutions. With our people-oriented approach and fast response times, we help you increase customer satisfaction.

Email Support

We provide email support to answer your customers' questions and requests quickly and effectively. Our experienced email representatives work professionally to communicate with your customers to resolve issues and meet requirements. With our effective communication and customer-oriented approach, we help you optimize your business processes.

Back Office Support

We offer back office support to support your daily business operations and increase efficiency. Our expert team assists you with data entry, file management, reporting and other important business processes. Thus, you create more opportunities to focus your important time on strategic work.